After Almost a Decade iHandicapRaces Says Goodbye and Thanks!

After struggling for over 8 years to establish a user base for iHandicapRaces we are now forced to shut it down.

Back with our first handicapping app, iHandicapPace released in 2009, to the latest version of iHandicapRaces with PacePals we’ve tried to do our best to bring everyone a comprehensive handicapping package that rivals any other. Hopefully we’ve done that well and have brought some new handicappers to the sport that might otherwise not have tried it.

Creating a mobile handicapping product is expensive and even with a reasonably sized user group it can still be difficult to stay solvent. The short and simple of it is that iHandicapRaces was never able to earn enough to pay it’s way. It was such a radical break from the accepted handicapping style that it was difficult for it to find traction with established handicappers and horse racing industry professionals.

We know others will try to duplicate what we’ve done. Some already have. But none will ever do it as well as iHandicapRaces with PacePals did every race day for so many believers in the technology.

There’s a movement out there by some iHandicapRaces fans to try and find a way to continue to grow and use the technology. If you’d like to know more about that or provide some feedback drop us a line via the contact form.

Thanks for everything. It’s been great!