Jim Michalak

Jim Michalak

Until iHandicapRaces with Pace Pals came along i never felt i had the tool(s), or been able to beat the races consistently on a day to day basis. i now feel differently.

i recently came across and started using your app, iHandicapRaces with Pace Pals. this is the most ingenious and successful handicapping tool i have ever come across. i am 55 years old and have been watching horse racing since the days of the great secretariat and been betting for the last 26 years. while in the last few years i have had some luck betting the big races, i.e., the triple crown, until ihrwpp came along i never felt i had the tool(s), or been able to beat the races consistently on a day to day basis. i now feel differently.

i have tried just about every handicapping approach out there: from mechanical paper systems (which either don’t work or are just too time consuming to be worth the effort with no guarantee of profits), to several different computer software models. these include, but are not limited to rpm, pace view, jon worth’s tips, tim maas’ overlay handicapping, bob pandolfo, tom console, michael pizzolla’s black magic and many others. while each of these approaches had their merits (other than rpm, whose systems are worthless), none of them provided me with a way to easily and consistently beat the races. that is, until ihrwpp came along.

getting ready for the 2017 kentucky derby i have handicapped the prep races and others using ihrwpp. here are some of the recent winners i was able to unearth using the app. just yesterday 3/25/17/ at gulfstream, race #8 there was a $200+ winner who was dominant in both quad plot 1 and quad plot 3 and last race speed as well. easily and quickly found using ihrwpp.

in the risen star stakes, girvin was a clear standout and won paying $18+. the dd with him and enterprising, another obvious horse paid $38 for a buck. the spiral stakes, the 3, fast and accurate was easily spotted as the lone speed and in the quad plot. while he didn’t go wire to wire, he was up close early and stormed home late paying $51 for the victory. yesterday, again, race #8 at turfway park the 1 capture the glory was a clear standout, and while he didn’t win he placed and paid $36.60. a simple backwheel with all paid $915 for a $2 bet helping to trigger a $30,000 plus payday for the superfecta.

ever think you can make money on a horse that pays $2.10 to win? with ihrwpp you can. when todd pletcher ran his promising colt, always dreaming in an allowance race a couple of weeks ago at gulfstream the crowd was all over him and bet him down to 1/9. but if you had the app you saw that in addition to always dreaming the app also liked 2 other horses who went off at 84/1 and 23/1. keying always dreaming over these other 2 horses in a $1 exacta paid over $20 for a cost of $2. and if you partwheeled always dreaming over the other 2 for another $2 your return was an astounding $220. then if for the sake of insurance you boxed all 3 in a 50 cent tri box you got back another $110. so by using i handicap races with pace pals for the cost of $7 you made $350 profit, all with a horse that paid $2.10 to win on top.

in addition to being the best contender selection tool for spotting overlays that i have ever seen, it also has a wager calculator and hedge/dutch calculator which helps me decide at a glance whether a race is even worth handicapping. the stats dialog box is also extremely helpful. the pace pals chart with which at a glance tells you how much speed is in a race is invaluable, as well.

you must be a genius to have designed such a brilliant and useful product. i only hope that this doesn’t get into the hands of too many other handicappers.


jim michalak